Advice for Overcoming Single-Parent Challenges

Advice for Overcoming Single-Parent Challenges

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Parenting is tough, and it’s an even bigger challenge if you are a single mum or dad. Balancing your children’s needs with your own can be complicated and overwhelming. However, by thoughtfully rethinking how you shape your life, you can meet those challenges and be successful.


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Time management can be difficult for anyone, but with some basic structuring, you can keep on track. One suggestion is to forget about trying to multitask and instead remain focused on single tasks.  Eliminate distractions such as electronic devices.  Choose your hardest task and tackle it first, and the rest will seem quick and easy.  Another great idea is to pad your schedule with downtime.  Putting a little elbow room in your day allows you to enjoy a quiet moment here and there, cuddling with your little one on the couch or enjoying a cup of tea.  Also, keep your to-do list handy, and when you have a little uncommitted time, you can spend a few minutes on small tasks, such as a quick phone call or sorting bills.



Establishing a routine is an important part of getting control of your life.  Your child will take comfort in a schedule, so make it a point to structure days.  Wake up, eat meals, do homework, and prepare for bed at the same time.  Some experts feel disruptions in routine can create moodiness and anxiety in children, so set a schedule and adhere to it.


Getting your home organised will help both you and your children feel better.  The professionals at Redfin recommend some basic tidy-ups, like creating bins for items you are keeping and for items you will donate or discard.  All things should fall into one of those categories—no “maybes!”  Also, when you store items, do so in the areas you intend to use them.  Efficient storage is a terrific way to economise both time and space, since you won’t need to search for things when you need them.  Try repurposing some bookshelves with storage trays and baskets. 


Work and home balance

The pull of your workplace versus your home life can leave you feeling stretched for time and energy.  Doing a handful of things ahead of schedule can open up time in your days and allow you to maintain a better balance.  For instance, Entrepreneur suggests opting for pre-prepared meals.  You can do the preparations on your day off, freeze meals in portions, and ease much of your work-day chaos.  Don’t stop with supper; put together breakfasts and lunches as well so you’re way ahead of the game.  Another time-saver is to set up online bill paying.  You can reduce the time you spend hunting for invoices and writing and posting cheques.  And one of the best ways to improve the balance between home and work is to seek flexibility from your employer.  Many employers offer work-from-home options these days or allow for alterations in your schedule.  Decide what will help and request it. 



A significant challenge for single parents is covering care for children during work hours.  Some are fortunate enough to enjoy free assistance from a family member, but many single parents struggle with how to meet the need.  Note some authorities may allow you to receive assistance in paying for childcare if it’s provided by any of the following:


  • A registered school.
  • A registered playscheme, nursery, childminder, or club.
  • A childminder from an Ofsted-registered childminding agency.
  • A home care worker associated with a registered home care agency.
Many of us feel most comfortable with family members, and you also may be able to receive assistance in paying for a relative to tend your child.  Research your options and select what will best accommodate your situation.


Single and successful!

Reevaluate your schedule and establish a solid routine.  Organise at home, find ways to balance with work, and seek assistance in providing childcare.  You will meet your single parenting challenges happily and successfully!



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