The healthiest way to cook for your baby

So what is the healthiest way to cook for your baby and toddler? Up until 3 years ago, I can honestly say I’d never heard of a baby cook. With all the little ones I’d looked after, I’d cook food from scratch, often making small fresh batches to last a few days or larger batches that […]

Top Tips for Weaning Off Bottles and Dummies

Top Tips for Weaning Off Bottles and Dummies   I thought I’d write share some top tips for weaning off bottle and dummies. This can sometimes feel daunting but read on to make it as easy as possible. They can offer so much comfort to them and while it’s true that all babies love to […]

How to deal with toddler tantrums

Toddler tantrums are something we all dread and fear This post is all about how to deal with toddler tantrums. They can strike anytime, any place. Right in the middle of a busy supermarket. Or when you’re with friends, trying to seem as though everything is under control with your toddler then BAM. It’s clear, […]

Why I love being a nanny…

Why I love being a nanny     Whenever I tell people what I do, their reaction can vary, though usually, it’s one of surprise, a sort of ‘oh, you’re JUST a nanny’ reply, as though it’s not a very highly regarded job. Who knows, perhaps I’d get a different reaction if I lied and […]

Weaning Baby Easily

Weaning Baby Easily I thought I’d write a post about weaning baby easily. It’s something I’m going through with my little charge now. It all started a few months ago.  Though I’ve weaned other babies over the years, each one is, of course, different. I always forget just how messy/tricky/annoying/tiring it can be! Once they […]