Family Holidays with Babies & Toddlers

Since the summer is here and we’re all thinking about sun, sea and sand in distant shores (we are aren’t we?!) I thought I’d write about some tips for planning and traveling with young children.

Of course having a family means there’s a lot more to think about when planning a trip. It’s not as easy as booking a last minute deal somewhere hot and chic, packing super quick and off you go! Yet that doesn’t mean with a little thought and research, you can’t find some great suitable destinations and prepare for a really fun, stress-free (ok, less!) holiday together!

Things are definitely much easier nowadays when it comes to having tons of information right at your fingertips with the internet of course as well as loads of brilliant companies that can help you organize your child-friendly trip. Here’s a great list of six sites to get you inspired and rearing to go!







And now here are some important things to think about prior to booking any holiday –

    1. What is your budget?
    2. When is the best time for you all to go?
    3. Do you want to stay in UK or go abroad?
    4. What sort of holiday do you all want – beach, city, activity, sightseeing…
    5. Is there something to keep everybody happy?
    6. Make sure you book with an ATOL or ABTA bonded agent for peace of mind
    7. Make sure your passports are up to date. Some destinations require you have more than 6 months before your passport needs renewing
    8. Don’t forget travel insurance!

Once you’ve sorted where you’re going, here are some key tips for the journey –

  1. Take plenty of easy snacks (carrot sticks, rice cakes, raisins…)
  2. Wet wipes – for a multitude of uses!
  3. Sealable plastic bags – for rubbish, half eaten snacks etc…
  4. Small toys and books (ones that make noise can keep them even busier!)
  5. If you have a baby; more nappies (pull ups can be easier on the plane), milk, food, spoons, bibs (disposable ones from boots are great), change of clothes, wet wipes, dummies, scented nappy bags than you think you might need!
  6. Colouring pens, paper, colouring books
  7. Stickerbooks
  8. In emergencies, watching a pre downloaded, suitable show on a tablet or phone could be a life saver!

Going with a baby or toddler –

  1. This can feel daunting, especially if it is the first time. I would suggest thinking about your normal day and all the things you might need such as highchair, cot, bedding, changing mat, steriliser, baby monitor, washing machine, car seat, clothes, nappies, wipes, bottles, feeding bowls and spoons, buggy, first aid, hand blender (if you’re at the purees stage)…
  2. Once you have a complete list of all the things big and small you’ll need, check with where you are going to be certain of what facilities there are.
  3. Remember little ones like familiarity so take some favourite toys and ensure you stick to their routine as much as possible with bed and meal times.

Well, I hope that’s been helpful, and above all, have fun and enjoy!

I’d love to hear what trips you’ve been on or are planning with your little ones…let me know on twitter or facebook

Until next time xx

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