Family Summer Festivals Guide 2018

It’s that time of year again. Summer is upon us. There are festivals galore, here there and everywhere. But gone are those crazy festival weekends with terribly inadequate tents (who needs proper sleep anyway), copious amounts of alcohol (we still might need that), really loud music (and that), muddy fields (not that), gross overflowing portaloos (definitely not that) and the desire to take days off work to recover (naughty naughty). Now you’re all grown up with a young family in tow, where to go?


Here are ten top picks of some seriously cool and brilliant family friendly weekends of fun…

GERONIMO Hertfordshire 30th June – 1st July

LATITUDE Suffolk 12th – 15th July

CORNBURY Oxfordshire 13th – 15th July

CURIOUS ARTS Hampshire 20th – 22nd July

WOMAD Wiltshire 26th – 29th July

PORT ELIOT Cornwall 26th – 29th July

CAMPO SANCHO Hertfordshire 27th – 29th July

BESTIVAL Dorset 2nd – 5th August

THE BIG FEASTIVAL Cotswolds 24th – 26th August 

ONE TRIBE Worcestershire 30th August – 3rd September 

And here are ten top tips for making the most out of your festival experience

  1. Getting together with other mates and families is a great idea. You can all pitch tents together, relax, share essential items you might have forgotten and take turns to share and watch all the kids which gives you the chance to go out for the night, fab!
  2. Before you get to the event, take some time to go over the essential information and maps that were most likely sent with the tickets or easily found on the website. A little preparation to know where the showers, toilets, stages, food stalls etc are can be valuable to know when pitching up and getting yourselves sorted.
  3. Don’t leave home without WET WIPES!! An essential, if not, the most essential item needed for a festival!
  4. Bring plenty of snacks. Yes, there’ll be lots of choice of foods to eat on site but with long queues and high prices, bringing things like rice cakes, bread sticks, crackers and dried fruit are all great quick nibbles to help keep sugar and energy levels sustained!
  5. Bring plenty of things for the kids to keep them happy. Festivals can be very loud and very exciting, for small children especially, so sometimes they may just want to relax with some favourite books or toys and keep some level of familiar routine.
  6. Plenty of SUNCREAM (fingers crossed), a TORCH and lots of WATER are also key to a pleasant festival time.
  7. As with any crowds, keep vigilant with your personal belongings – hip bags or small cross shoulder bags are best for keeping your valuables close to you.
  8. Putting items like money and phones inside a clear plastic ziplock bag before putting inside your bag can be really helpful to protect against spillages – easily done in crowded areas!
  9. All festivals will have support if you do get separated from your family such as designated places to meet and help from trained volunteers. Be aware what this might be at your festival.
  10. For younger kids, why not write your details on a sticker or label they can keep safe on them if they do get lost. Sometimes it can also be helpful to have a really long piece of ribbon with which you, as a family, can all hold onto so you’re more likely to be kept together!
Above all, enjoy and have lots of fun!


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