Five Mum Hacks for an Easier Life

Five Mum Hacks for an Easier Life!


Hands up who wants their days with the kids to be as easy as possible?
Well, here are five mum hacks for an easier life – some genius tips that can save time and really make things that bit, well, easier! This is a very lovely guest post written by mum, Emily Tredget.
She is the founder of MummyLinks – the safe place to meet mums for local playdates. She set it up after struggling with loneliness as a new mum (which for her led to PND, about which she blogs regularly on the Huff Post). You can find her on Twitter here and Instagram here.



Batch cook and freeze for easy dinner times

This may be obvious to you – it’s something I’ve always done even before kids, but having spoken to a family member who has NEVER batch cooked and frozen I thought I’d share it! There are some great kid-friendly meals that work very well. Our favourites are Bolognaise, Chicken Casserole, Chilli, Curry and even easier – buying frozen fish fillets that quickly microwave!
Every week or so we cook one of the above for us one night, but make enough for 4 (or sometimes even 6 or 8!) and then freeze the remainder into little pots. All you need then do is remember to pop them out of the freezer the night before (we don’t always remember that…but the frozen fish is done from frozen so we do that when we forget!) and then pop on some pasta/potatoes/rice and whack the pot in the microwave and hey presto. An easy, nutritious and fresh meal. All in the time to cook the carbs!




Keep the stickers and batteries for exciting new toys without the cost

This might seem stingy, but it’s worked wonders for us – particularly as my LO has Christmas and birthday at the same time so we are inundated with new toys all at once and then have to spread them out to last the rest of the year.
I often remove the stickers from the box or don’t put in the batteries to a toy as relevant. So then when he has got bored of a toy after a couple of months, I can then add the stickers with him, or pop in the batteries and hey-presto you have a new and exciting toy for another few months! 


Label up jigsaw pieces for quick tidying away

I stole this idea from an Instagram friend many moons ago – and I now swear by it! Particularly for those jigsaws that have 4 in a box. Before you give them to your child sort them into the 4 puzzles, label each piece for each puzzle in a certain way, and pop each puzzle in a plastic ziplock bag. And ta-dah! When your LO invariably mixes all the pieces up you can quickly sort through and pop them back into their separate bags ready for next time without actually having to put the puzzle together yourself.





Put duvets and sheets inside pillow cover for quick changes

We’ve all been there – your child wets the bed or is sick in the night and you want to change the sheets quickly to get some more shut-eye – but you can’t for the life of you find all the bits you need. So next time you do a wash, once dried, fold up a sheet and the duvet cover and pop it into the relevant pillowcase. Then pop it somewhere you’ll easily be able to find it in the middle of the night to avoid more scrabbling around in the dark.


Hide away toys not played with often – for easy disposal or another bout of fun

In the run-up to past Christmases, I’ve done a cull of my LO’s toys in the hope that we can pass on some before the new influx of toys. I found before that if I ask him what to give away, or suggest something to donate to charity, he is insistent that it’s his favourite toy and he wants to keep it forever.
However, if I remove it one evening and pop it into storage he has only once asked where that item is. If he asks I find it – but given every other time he hasn’t asked he clearly isn’t that attached! So much easier! Or likewise, if you then actively bring it back out a few weeks or months later it’s almost as good as a new toy!



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