Ten things about babies you find out the hard way

Ten things about babies you find out the hard way



Learning all about Babies!

They can go from happy and smiley to a screaming meltdown in less than a second.
Once you feel confident they can sit by themselves, they will challenge this confidence in you by suddenly falling either forward, backward or sideways with a bump. See above.



Despite their size, their cry is one of the loudest noises. Ever (and did you know they won’t actually produce any tears in the first few months of their life?)
Though tiny, their grip is very strong. Like a clamp. Or a vice. Either can hurt. A lot.
They are unable to resist poking their little dribble covered fingers up your nose. Cue pain. Again.


Babies, especially tiny ones, are very likely to pee all over you the second the nappy is off.
And never forget to ensure a boy’s bits are pointing down unless you want a leaky nappy and wet clothes.
There is a need for a muslin cloth to always be attached to your shoulder. Taking it away causes all sorts of issues that you actually need one for. 


Always wait a bit before a nappy change. You think they are finished. You start to change them and oh, err, they are not finished. At all.
And don’t ever let them get hold of your hair. It’s the clamp/vice in action again. They have not yet learned how to un-grip. Must be avoided. Unless you desire for some chunks of hair to be removed.
Despite all this, it doesn’t matter because you know it’s all just small phases of their whole amazing life and you love them SO MUCH!
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