The Essentials Needed Inside Every Baby Bag

Baby Bag Essentials & Top Nappy Bag Tips

Over my nannying years, I reckon I’ve come to figure out the essential items you need in THE bag. You know, the bag that gets carted everywhere and ends up with old bits of rice cakes once chewed and soggy, now dried and stuck to the inside of the bag, along with crumbs a plenty, stains of spilt drinks, wrappers and used tissues you forgot to throw away. Oh and the change of clothes you once had to wipe your little one’s nose with as the tissues had run out. The bag that, as time goes on, you mean to sort out but never do. There’s always something better to be doing, right? So read on for baby bag essentials & top nappy bag tips.

Well, yes, but imagine how much time you would actually save if you had an organised bag? No more rummaging around frantically looking for that all-important item only to realise you forgot to put it in the bag that morning.
Well here’s my baby bag essentials & top nappy bag tips that always work for me. I find that once these items are there, keep them there and just do a quick check every morning to replace anything. Develop the habit to always do this and you can’t go far wrong.

  Change of Clothes


It’s important to remember that babies grow – fast. So should you find yourself (as I did years ago) feeling smug since you’ve been lucky enough to have escaped doing a full change out in ages then BAM – poo-narmi strikes. You reach for the emergency change – only to find your wriggling enormous baby is a way to big for these tiny baby clothes; the top barely goes past their elbows and the trousers are tight on their not so little thighs. Oh dear! And crucially, don’t forget several spare pairs of socks – in my experience, they are always falling off and getting lost!

Nappy bags (also perfect for transporting said poo-narmi clothes home)
Baby wipes (absolutely essential!)


Top Tip

It’s handy to have an extra nappy you can wipe a damp slide or swing down at the park. Simple yet effective.

Hand Sanitiser 

Well, I’m sure we’ve all been there. You’ve managed to change little one to be all nice and clean inside the cramped baby changing room. It smells a little bit bad. It did before you arrived thank you very much (but try telling that to the person waiting outside). Washing your hands can be a little challenging when you have a toddler trying to put their hands down the toilet, pulling all the paper towels out of the dispenser or something equally annoying. This is where the hand sanitiser can make life that tiny bit quicker and easier and cleaner. And don’t forget lots of tissues!

A Few Toys

This is obviously age and weather-related. Presently I have an 11-month-old charge so it’s a flap book, a small ball and a noisy toy phone. Oh and bubbles. Never leave the house without bubbles. You can’t go wrong with these great bubbles. They just add a touch more fun! 
With toddlers, balls and bubbles are still winners but I add crayons and paper for all year round and if it’s summer, big fat chalks. They are brilliant for taking to the park. Draw a hopscotch, a wiggly worm, a butterfly – let their imagination go wild! And it’s all easily washed away by the rain. If it’s warm, don’t forget Sun hat and cream.

Drink and Snacks 

I try to keep this simple. A fresh cup of water – I think this cup is fantastic as it helps them learn to drink independently. Snacks which are easy to transport and not too messy are ideal. Things such as rice cakes, bananas, yoghurt or fruit pouches. Definitely, don’t try new foods while out and about since you never know how it is going to go. Stick to what you know they like!

Bibs and Dribble Bibs

I especially love these cheeky chompers ones. They are fab as they can dribble and chew when teething. Genius! 


For babies, I always have two measured unmixed bottles (boiled cooled water can be kept for several hours) and formula in case we get stuck somewhere or held up while we’re out and about. For babies over six months, a spoon. All babies love a plastic spoon to chew on. This can really help if you’re weaning them too. If you are, I love these thermos flasks to keep their food warm for a good few hours.

A Pen

So simple but the number of times I’ve wished I had one to write down something whilst on the move. I’m always picking up leaflets when out and about – they get scribbled on a lot.

Rain Cover

Looks sunny and cloud free? Yeah, it’ll probably rain later.


This can be to sit on in the park if the weathers nice, to shade little one if they are having a nap in the buggy when it’s sunny or to wrap up in if it’s chilly.


What to leave at home

And here’s one thing I try not to take. The favourite and very special teddy or comfort blanket. The treasured one that if it gets lost, you’re screwed basically. This is definitely something you want to keep safe at home. Encourage them to chose something else (something much less important) or failing that, try distracting them with the chatter of where you’re going, what you might see etc and they have suddenly forgotten about wanting to bring the V.I.I (very important item).
I think that about sums up the essentials. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about baby bag essentials & top nappy bag tips. Did I forget to mention something you always take? What are your key items when on the move with a baby or toddler? I’d love to know…come find me on twitter or facebook. Like what you’ve read and want to check out some other posts? How about newborn sleep tips or a hilarious must-read parenting book
Now go and sort THE bag out…you’ll be so glad you did.
Until next time xx
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